Top 5 Best Cream for Cracked Feet


The Best Cream for Cracked Feet

AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream

The best foot cream for dry feet after careful review is AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream. Renowned for it’s Natural Soothing Ingredients and Anti Bacterial Formula is clearly finished ahead of the pack.




Your skin deserves proper care and attention like any other part of your body. Fortunately, now many foot creams are available within a wide price range to improve the look of your feet and to make it look healthy and young. All these products are designed to take care of your foot and to heal the cracked heels and other abnormalities. You just need to choose the right product depending on your skin condition to get the maximum benefits.


1. AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream 


AHAVA Mineral Foot CreamAHAVA Mineral Foot Cream is made with some natural ingredients that are considered good for any skin type. It uses a good mineral combination known as the Osmotor that can be found in the Dead Sea. It is considered one of the best cream for cracked heels due to the natural properties. It softens the hard areas and relieves all the irritation that you normally experience with the cracked heals. It also provides extra moisture to prevent further cracks.

Though the cream is designed to take care of your foot, still, you can use it for the irritated and dry skin on your knees and elbows. It also contains aloe vera and avocado oil that is considered good for the skin care. Moreover, you will not have any burning sensation and any other side effect that you can expect with other creams.

AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream nourishes your skin from the inside. It not only softens and cures the cracked heals, it helps in renewing the rough soles. Some of the key ingredients of this foot cream are almond, jojoba, wheat germ, aloe vera, and tea tree leaf oil. All these ingredients are effective to nourish your skin.

They have also antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to renew the skin. The wheat germ helps to hold the moisture for a long time. It is designed for the whole feet. You can apply it on your feet to improve the skin condition and to avoid further cracks.

This foot cream might not be available in most of the drug stores. You can visit online to buy this foot cream. Yes, if you are looking for a good fragrance, this cream is designed for you. It is a bit expensive. But if you look the benefits, you can simply ignore the price. 

2. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream


L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot CreamIf you are looking for the best foot moisturiser, you should consider buying L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream. Always remember that all the foot problems like the itching, dryness, and even the cracks appear due to the lack of the moisturiser. If you moisturise your foot regularly, you will not have these conditions.

The positive point of this foot cream is that it has received a prestigious award from a popular magazine for two consecutive years. It uses the lavender essential oil that helps to purify the skin and improves the skin condition. It contains the anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce any inflammation and the redness.

In addition, it will have Shea butter and mint. Both these properties can offer you the optimal comfort. The refreshing mint will cool your feet.

You can use this foot cream from your heel to the toenails. It will help you to reduce the inflammation, itchiness, and also heal any scars. It smells very nice. Most of the customers appreciate this cream for the best quality and the good fragrance. It is easy to massage as well. It has the antifungal properties that are considered essential for the healthy feet. Moreover, it has the fatty acids and the vitamins that can contribute to the overall look of your foot by improving the skin condition.

The product is made to last for the whole day. It is the best cream for cracked heels. If you have very dry skin, you can also consider using this cream as it offers proper moisturiser to maintain your skin condition and to cure the abnormalities. It is also a bit expensive due to natural and best quality ingredients.

3. O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream and Healthy Feet SetAre you having cracked feet? Do you want immediate relief? If yes, you should go with the O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream. This is truly the best cream for cracked heels. It is specifically made to heal the cracked, dry, and itching skin. You can notice the significant difference within a couple of days.

It is made with the Allantoin and glycerine. These ingredients are considered good for the tougher skin of your feet. With this foot cream, you will also get the money back warranty offers. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can go with this option. It is a bit expensive. 

O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream offers the instant relief and works throughout the day. It is a concentrated foot cream that can even work on the very dry skin and the cracked feet. It gives relief from the discomfort and nourishes from the within. It not only repairs the skin; it also protects your skin with a protective layer of the moisture.

You can apply this cream any time before going to the bed or after taking the shower. It is oil free and you will not have any possibility of slipping and sliding. With the regular use, you can expect improved skin condition with a better look. 

4. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream


Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot CreamGold Bond is popular for offering the best quality products. This brand offers some of the good products to moisturise the foot, especially the dried foot and the cracked heels. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream can be a good option for those looking for a foot cream to use regularly to deal with the daily foot abuse.

You can apply it on your foot daily. It is affordable and can easily come into your budget. It makes your rough feet skins soft and offers the required amount of the moisture to protect your skin from the rough conditions. It is dermatological tested and safe to be used. Moreover, it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It comes with a fresh scent as well. 

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream keeps your skin moisturised throughout the day. Some of the key ingredients of this foot cream are the Shea Butter and Silk Peptide Matrix formula with the Vitamin A, C, and E and seven other essential moisturisers.

It comes with the ultra-moisturiser to soften your feet. As it lasts for the twenty-four hours, you just need to apply it once in a day.

5. Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution


Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole SolutionNu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution is the best cream for cracked heels. It is a multi-tasking cream. It can offer the right protection to your feet from both the external and internal damages. It is a great moisturiser that nourishes from the inside and prevents external damages. It alleviates any scaling and prevents any dead skin production. It does not come with any fragrance. The fragrance is natural. But you can expect a number of benefits.

It works well on the cracked, dry, and rough feet. Moreover, it will improve the condition within a week. You can get healthy, soft, and smooth skin after a couple of uses. It is also affordable. You can buy this foot cream without hurting your budget. 

Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution is dermatologist tested. Therefore, you will not have any allergic reaction while using this foot cream. Besides, if you have redness on the skin, heels, toes, and the side of your foot, you can use this foot cream to get relief and to reduce the redness. It works well on the dry foot and helps to get relief from the pain and stress that you normally get due to the daily errands.

If you are looking for a multi-tasking, fragrance-free, and affordable, then consider buying Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution.