The Best Athletes Foot Cream – 2017 Buying Guide


The Best Athletes Foot Cream

Lamisil Athletes Foot Cream Relief

After Extensive Review The Best Athletes Foot Cream is Lamisil Athletes Foot Cream. Proven to cure most Athlete’s foot with one week of treatment. This cream will continue to control the infection even after cream is finished





While this article has laboured greatly to present to you the top 5 best Athlete’s foot treatment cream, the specifics and other details concerning how and when to purchase are available among various online marketplace platforms. This includes the chief one which has been explored here, Amazon.

1. Lamisil Athletes Foot Cream Relief from Itching and Burning


Lamisil Athlete Foot Cream Size 1z Lamisil Athlete Foot CreamThis product effectively helps in the treatment of the burning sensations, itching, scaling and cracking’s associated with fungal infections of the feet. It takes usually about a few days from the day you start using the cream for treatment for your skin condition to improve. Wholesome skin healing takes about 4 weeks because of the extent of the resultant negative effects of the fungal infection.

Even after the exhaustion of the treatment cream, because of the strength of the cream’s healing properties, it will continue to control and heal the fungal infections.

The pricing Lamisil AT 1 per cent cream is around £ 39.93 per 100 grams with smaller sizes available like 15 grams.

2. Puriya Wonder Balm


Puriya Wonder BalmWith over 245 customer reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.4 stars, Puriya wonder Balm appears as a choice of many in the category of best cream for the treatment of athlete’s foot.

The cream possesses properties that effectively controls and does away with associated itching and inflammation of fungal infections in toenails and feet. The same properties of the cream ensure that when it is applied over an affected area, it stops any irritation and prevents further spread of infections to unaffected areas. This is often referred to as the first step of recovery from fungal infection.

In addition, the therapeutic eucalyptus and lavender oil alongside the healing grade Tea Tree oil functions well in penetrating your skin and moisturising it, which eliminates the dehydrated and flaking skin.
As well, the stay-on formula, comprised of olive oil and Beeswax ointment, makes sure that the affected areas continue to recover fully as it lasts longer on the skin than the observable cream applied. Faster recovery is a guarantee in this sense.

Furthermore, 180 days’ money back is guaranteed to you, the user, in any case you feel that your fungal infection is not adequately being treated by this cream. This is possible through Amazon.

The limitation to the use of this cream product among potential customers lies in its ingredients. It is highly recommended that the labels are confirmed by the potential user to avoid allergic reactions that may occur as a result of the use of the product. In a situation, whereby the ingredients observed don’t seem to cause any concern or cause for alarm, still a 2-step skin test is advised to be taken.

Lastly, even though it is relatively expensive, it’s worth the trouble.

3. All Natural Foot Cream


All Natural Foot CreamThis is a product from a company, The Yellow Bird’s, which uses ingredients that are free from the often-harmful synthetic chemicals. These natural ingredients include essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree. The use of organic and natural ingredients makes the product a number one choice for many users looking for the best athlete’s foot cream. 

Correspondingly, the product differs from other foot cream products because it’s thick and the formula is highly concentrated. This property ensures that the cream offers a support that is long lasting to the user. 
The all-natural foot cream, which smells and feels great, possesses balm like properties to ensure the soaking of nourishing ingredients by the feet.

The cost is affordable for most if not all people. The only disadvantage of the product is the fact that it comes in a smaller container.

4. O’Keeffe’s For Healthy Feet


O’Keeffe’s For Healthy FeetOn Amazon, the O’Keeffe’s antifungal cream has amassed over 900 five star reviews and is also the most wished for the product by customers. This in its own right is a huge achievement. This generally shows the general acceptance of O’Keeffe’s antifungal cream among those looking for the best athlete’s foot cream available in the market. 

Unlike other many creams/lotions, the O’Keeffe’s treatment cream is fragrance-free and heals dry and cracked foot skin and while moisturising it. The softness and smoothness of the feet are thus guaranteed. This positive effect in treatment is aided by the properties of O’Keeffe’s, that is, it’s non-greasy and oily. This element makes places the cream above other existing antifungal creams that are way too expensive.

Additionally, the proper formulation of the cream guarantees it’s safe for all skin types including those with diabetes.

To conclude, it’s relatively affordable with the price around $ 8.35 on Amazon.

5. Eucerin Foot Crème


Eucerin Foot CrèmeIf you are in the class of those with skin that is sensitive, dry and or diabetic, this crème provides the solution to your problems. Among the best athlete’s foot cream available, the Eucerin cream is clinically recommended and accepted as a treatment that helps in healing dry, rough and cracked feet, apart from moisturising the feet skin of the affected area. 

Also, the cream is odourless, thick and oily which ensures a moisturised feet and eliminating the roughness and dryness of the foot skin.

It has generally been observed that after around two weeks of treatment, the Eucerin Foot Crème formulation achieves softer and smoother feet.

The general acceptance of Eucerin Foot Crème as among the best athlete’s foot cream has also been boosted after continuously having been featured in several publications including Rank and Style as the number one recommended best athletes foot crème among pharmacists.

Lastly, the Eucerin Foot Crème goes for around $ 17 on Amazon which compared to what it does is still represents a bargain buy.

What is Athletes Foot

Our feet are usually the most exposed of our body parts to harmful elements that may hinder their ability to function freely and thus, effectively. It’s advisable that necessary caution is taken to safeguard the feet against these harmful elements. One example of caution may involve wearing loosely-fitting shoes.
One common disease that our feet are usually exposed to when not properly taken care of is the Athlete’s foot. The Athlete’s foot, which is medically referred to as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection that is contagious. The fungal infection was commonly found where athlete’s congregated hence the name. After acquiring tinea pedis, it grows in your shoes especially when the conditions are favourable for their growth as elucidated below. This fungal infection is common among people, and it often attacks the areas between the toes, the feet bottom and possibly the toenails. 

Those at risk of Athlete’s foot 


a. If you having sweaty feet

b. If you normally wear tight and closed shoes

c. Those who often share shoes, towels and or socks

d. Walking barefoot in public spaces which may include swimming pools. Public spaces are usually literally crawling with fungal infections as the spread is easy.

e. Those who don’t keep their feet hygienic and dry

f. If you have a weakened immune system or have other health conditions which may include diabetes.

Symptoms of Athlete’s foot 


a. Peeling and cracking on the feet

b. Itching, burning and stinging sensations on the feet’s sole and between the toes

c. Itching feet having blisters

d. Discoloured Toenails that are also thick

e. Dry skin on the affected area and surrounding areas

Antifungal treatment is available in various forms such as in sprays, liquids, powders, and of course, creams, which we’ll explore in detail


Best Athletes Foot Cream for Treatment of Athlete’s Foot


The online marketplace, like Amazon, has an array of creams for treating fungal infections with difference existing in pricing and functions if online shopping is your thing like yours truly.


For treatment:

• Thoroughly wash the affected and surrounding area with clean water and dry with a clean towel

• Apply the treatment cream acquired directly to the area affected and the adjoining areas.

• Wash your hands with clean water together with an antifungal detergent

• Repeat the above exercise as recommended by pharmacist/doctor in applying the treatment until the prescribed amount is finished

It’s important to note that in some situations, often occasional; the athlete’s foot cream being used for treatment may not be able to work on its own and thus the need for supplementing or following it up with tablets. The advantage of antifungal medicine administered orally compared to the use of cream is that it guarantees a higher success rate in the treatment of athlete’s foot. The only two major disadvantages to the use of oral prescriptions are because usually they are quite expensive or high-priced and their use may possibly cause serious side effects to the body.

Below, I explore on some of the best athlete’s foot cream available on the Amazon and other marketplaces. Some I have personally tried before and worked, some recommended by doctors while some referred to me by friends who had employed their use before successfully.

The Special Case of People with Diabetes


Also, it’s important to stress out that those who are suffering from diabetes need to be extra careful while choosing the best cream for treating Athletes foot.

This is because the dry skin associated with Athletes foot usually results in cracks and cuts when not properly or timely treated which may lead to infections. Those with diabetes suffer most from a greatly reduced nerve sensation, in this case, to their feet. The infections in some case may warrant amputation. 

There exists specifically designed cream for this purpose with some highlighted above even with the knowledge that those who have diabetes are advised to cultivate or have a higher awareness level concerning their bodies.