A Comprehensive Guide on the 5 Best Foot Cream for Calluses


Best Foot Cream for Calluses

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz.

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz. is our top pick. It has most of the key ingredients and power to get rid of even the thickest calluses. And if that is not enough, it comes with a brush and Pumice stone to help remove all dead skin.


There are many things to consider when looking for the best foot cream for calluses. Price is one of those things although it’s not a major issue with the creams we have reviewed so far (all are within a reasonable budget range). Other factors like the thickness and age of the calluses are quite important. Thick and old calluses require the strongest of the creams available. But for calluses that are barely new, you can get rid of them with a mild cream. So, based on these factors, PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz. is our top pick

1. PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz.

Made in USA at FDA registered facilities, this cream will help free your heels and toes of stubborn calluses. It is made under the highest level of quality control making sure it is free from perfumes and added water. Therefore, diabetic persons can use it, which is one of the reasons it is the best foot cream for calluses.

The cream is made with the great potent and therapeutic ingredients such as chamomile extract, pure tea tree oil and Aloe. All these ingredients work together to remove painful calluses whilst soothing the dry, cracked skin. Tea tree oil however helps to repel any fungal bacteria leaving your feet soft and well refreshed.

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream can be used by men and women of different age groups. When applied on the callused feet, the cream deeply moisturizes the feet and rehydrates it while also preventing any water loss. It also exfoliates any dead skin and enhances new cell growth to get your feet smoother than ever.

And just in case this best foot cream for calluses does not work, there is 100% money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk if you decide to try this cream. What’s more, the cream has been manufactured under skin expert’s advice and has not been tested on animals. This goes a long way to show the commitment of the manufacturer in ensuring the cream is safe and works effectively.

Finally, this cream includes some extras such as a free brush and Pumice Stone. These two extras will assist you to loosen-up and get rid of dry skin build up.

2. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream

Gold Bond has created a very reliable brand for foot products, most especially foot moisturizers. This cream promises that it has what it takes to specifically compete in callus. The cream has overwhelming number of positive reviews on Amazon and other online sites. This goes to show that millions of users trust this gentle formula for its effectiveness at getting rid of calluses.

But what makes it one of the best foot cream for calluses? The cream is specifically created to penetrate your skin deeply, moisturize and start off the healing process. In addition, it is formulated with ingredients that are well known for promoting healthy feet. So, if your feet have calluses, you cannot go wrong with Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream. It helps soften skin giving a relief feeling whilst leaving a fresh scent.

Moreover, the cream is made with seven penetrating moisturizers and three vitamins to repair even the toughest skin. Thanks to its unique blend of humectants, HYDRALAST and emollients, it helps soften your skin and retain the moisture for up-to 24 hours.

Tested in the lab by qualified medical skin doctors, this product is safe. There are no harsh chemicals or allergens used to make it that could lead to skin break outs or even irritations. However, it has a mild pleasant smell that could be a possible downside for those who like fragrance-free creams.

The formula is non-greasy so no need to worry of the possibilities of staining clothes. Being non-greasy ensures it penetrates fast reaching deep source problem when applied to get your callused feet smoother than ever. Apart from healing callused feet, the cream can also be used on rough, dry and cracked feet. Just apply it as often as needed liberally. But where the is extremely dry, rough or ashy, reapply to speed up healing process.

3. Advanced Clinicals Callus Cream 8oz

Are your feet prone to calluses? Whether it is hard, old calluses or just newly formed calluses, Advanced Clinicals Callus Cream claims to have what it takes to remove them. It is manufactured in the USA and specializes in targeting specific skin issues. The product is advertised to work by quenching dry, thick and rough calluses with immediate hydration through its intense moisturizing capabilities.

Made with natural ingredients, this best foot cream for calluses will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. It contains Lactic acid as one of its ingredients to facilitate effective peeling of dead cells as well as getting rid of hard callus on your feet. It also includes jojoba oil in the natural plant extract that works to replenish the skin and restore damage skin.

Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, papaya, green tea extract and Vitamin E that work together to revive the skin’s natural elasticity for silky smooth feet. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and reduces any sort of inflammation of callused feet.

The cream comes in a non-greasy formula that is easy to apply. For best results, you need to apply it liberally to the affected skin. Then massage it well until it gets absorbed for that fresh-from-the-spa feel as well as touch. You can use it as often as you feel it is necessary. But when you apply before going to bed, make sure to cover your feet with a pair of cotton socks. And within a week, you should start noticing softer and more hydrated feet.

When it comes to safety, Advanced Clinicals Callus Cream 8oz contains no parabens or other harsh chemicals. It is also not tested on animals and the manufacturer guarantees 100 percent satisfaction.

4. Emu Joy Banish My Callus Foot and Hand Callus Cream

Having stubborn calluses and you can no longer wear your favourite sling backs, mules and sandals? With Emu Joy Banish My Callus Foot Cream, you should be able to start wearing your sexy sandals. The cream is made from 100% natural ingredients that work in synergy to heal even the most stubborn calluses. It softens both the dry and hardened callus of the heels. It can also be used for very dry skin on hands.

One of its key ingredients is pure emu oil that penetrates deep beneath the skin’s surface to deliver fast and great results. Emu oil has been used for thousands of years to heal calluses and extremely dry skin. The unique formulation of the oil allows it to penetrate 20 times more beneath the skin layers and assists in the absorption of other ingredients.

Emu Joy Banish My Callus Foot and Hand Callus Cream is also made from plant-based ingredients for a rich and thick cream. The ingredients have superior moisturizing properties to keep your callused feet hydrated throughout during the healing process.

Additionally, it includes oleic acid that enhances cell regeneration and linoleic acid that acts as a muscle pain reliever. It also boasts antibacterial properties. Being 100 percent natural means the cream has no petroleum products, water fillers, perfumes, artificial preservatives and alcohols. In addition, it is wheat free, gluten free and dairy free. However, it has this pleasant clove smell that most users love.

And that’s not all. The cream has further been endorsed by mountain climbers, athletes, cross fitters and weightlifters. It provides amazing results for people with cracked hands and hand calluses. What’s more, because of its antibacterial properties, diabetic persons can use the cream.


5. Naturally 30 Callus Skin Remover Foot Cream

There is nothing better than having smooth feet like that of a baby. With this best foot cream for calluses you can get rid of those persistent calluses on the toes and heels. The cream is designed to hydrate both dry and cracked feet. It also works to enhance new cell regeneration for the smoothest feel in your feet.

The cream is made from a triple action formula that enhances blood circulations. Available in a non-grease formula, this cream is easily absorbed to nourish those flaky heels. Thus, your feet will enjoy a thorough hydration and this helps to eliminate any corns. With salicylic acid and urea as part of the ingredients that make this cream, this cream claims to be one of the most powerful and best foot cream for calluses on the market. It also features some therapeutic ingredients to save you from painful calluses.

The manufacturer of this great cream also offers 100% money back guarantee. So, in the case where you use the cream and it fails to banish the calluses, you can request for a full refund. This is further backed with great customer support. Made from high quality ingredients, this cream causes no irritations and hence can be used even on the most sensitive skins.



People of all ages can suffer from calluses. While calluses are not necessarily harmful, they can make one self-conscious. That is why most people having callused skin tend to try different methods and products to get rid of them. But with so many foot creams for calluses on the market, it is now much easier to eliminate calluses. You only need to make sure you get your hands on the best cream. So, what exactly is the best foot cream for calluses? Below is a list of some of the best products on the market that claim to offer relief from callused skin.